Articles by Humangigz

Lake Haze

Goncalo Salgado aka Lake Haze has been on our radar for quite some times now and we made several premieres of his latest offerings. We discovered him, like many, through his first release for DJ Haus‘ Unknown To The Unknown imprint in 2014. Since then, the Lisbon based producer steadily made his mark into the scene, signing three rock solid ep’s for Creme Organization and some other equally good ones on Lama, Shall Not Fade or One Eyed Jacks.He’s definitely one of the most promising young producers out there and we’re glad to have a mix from the man, enjoy !

Das Ding

Danny Boston aka Das Ding is a Dutch producer based in Rotterdam who has been active since the early 80’s. A good example of DIY in the underground music scene, he’s been releasing music via his own cassette label Tear Apart Tapes for more than 30 years later, making all the artworks himself while studying graphic design in art school.

Bordello A Parigi vs Les Yeux Orange

13 août ?! La pire semaine de l’année ! Paris, ville morte…? Que nenni, gros bordel à Parigi ! Après un foutoir de tout les diables avec le digger portugais De Los Miedos, Les Yeux Orange reviennent foutre le souk, canal de l’Ourcq. Ca va rugir dans l’arène. Les gradins de Stalingrad font le plein, un son brut pour les gredins. Ils accueillent le label Bordello A Parigi.

Cosmo & Faber

Daniele Cosmo and Dominik Faber are the men behind Lux Rec. Since 2010, the record label based in Zurich has been uncompromisingly exploring all the shades of the underground, never wanting to resurface, not for a single breath. Lux Rec is a great exemple of art direction, combining acidic, obscure and intense electronic music with minimalist design in the truly fine tradition of Swiss style.

LYO #062 spAceLex

spAceLex aka Alexander Arpeggio is a Berlin based Dj and producer, co-founder of Frisbee Records alongside Albion Venables and Dea, the label is devoted to edition of electronic disco tracks, the infamous “Heavy Rotation series” that counts three releases up to now. spAceLex also runs Mond Musik on his own, re-releasing officially and reediting some obscure and sought-after german productions from late 70s to early 80s like Papertiger And The Catcammer Orchestra – In The Disko, Eiskalte Engel and the latest Der Gøtling – G-ZX LP which is a collaboration with Obermannkind, Dunkeltier (aka Sneaker DJ) and spAceLex, together they managed to restaure and reconstruct some tracks from an original tape, only 50 hand-numbered cassette copies of this underground minimal synth project where released back in 1986!