About LYO

Les Yeux Orange Collective

Les Yeux Orange started early 2013, when Noctambulo and Humangigz team up to share their passion and knowledge of music with the world. Long time collectors and DJs, they start off by uploading all sorts of electronic music on their inhexaustible youtube channel and sharing podcasts of international DJs. In 2014, they begin to throw some of the best intimate parties of Paris in La Rotonde, inviting international guests and slowly but surely giving the club the reputation of an inavoidable pillar of the local scene.

In 2015, they launch their premiere series, hosting exclusive unreleased tracks from upcoming releases on a daily basis and becoming to be known as one of the best curated soundcloud platforms. Going viral, Les Yeux Orange launch their own label and are invited to play all over Europe.

Now hosting parties at the famous Parisian club La Java, they have released three EPs under the name Les Yeux Orange on the Good+ imprint, which have been bestsellers in the category disco-funk-edits. They are ready to spread another new hot release in July !