Driving Blind Compilation (Vol.2)

Les Yeux Orange presents : Driving Blind Compilation (Vol.2)

LYO is back and ready to take your breath away with the second volume of their compilation series «Driving Blind».
They follow up on their first exquisite offering with an even wider and larger selection of 23 tracks from captivating artists from all over the globe.


Ali Renault I Anatolian Weapons I Antoni Maiovvi I Binary Digit I Black Light Smoke I Blackploid I Brassica I Chino I Disco Morato I dynArec I Ebende I Elfenberg I Gamma Intel I Mogwaa I Pascal Viscardi I Rambal Cochet I Rigson I Rina I Running Hot I Senora I Schmoltz I Tagliablue I Venice Arms.