Ringard – Lacrima Rossa EP / LYO#005

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Les Yeux Orange / LYO#005Baptiste Letertre is Ringard and comes from Rennes, Britanny’s biggest city with a strong electronic music culture. Ringard has a label called Dance Around 88 because he was born in 1988. Ringard released 8 vinyl records. “Lacrima Rossa” is his first 12″ outside his own label so it’s a great pleasure for us to have him on board. Ringard music is deep but raw, woolly, melancholic yet emotional. Think soulful techno, steamroom slo-mo, warehouse heat and euphoric minimal. Morphine electronics at its best with amazing strings and killer frequencies like Lobster Theremin meeting Boards Of Canada in a fantasy balearic island. In french, Ringard means tacky or outdated. It has never sound
so cool being Ringard!

Ringard – Lacrima Rossa EP
A1 – Lacrima Rossa
A2 – Tromb Horn
B1 – MSH
B2 – Les Balearek

RELEASE DATE : 30 Mar 2018
Distribution by DIANA CHARITE

Ringard - Lacrima Rossa EP

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12″ Vinyl : 10€