Les Yeux Orange – Coco / Jungle – 12″ (Good Plus – G+001)

Good Plus 001

Good Plus LogoWhile the hoi polloi are distracted by the thrills and spills at the Stade de France this summer, those in the know have their sights set on the Parisian rooftops and terraces, ready to shake a leg to the freshest label in town, Good Plus. For their first excursion into your hearts and record collections, these dapper chaps turn their attention to a pair of overlooked, obscure and impossible to find cuts from their homeland. Digging deep into their extensive collections, the crew pull out Maya’s sweet and soulful “Lait De Coco” and a mysterious euro-tropical number, applying subtle edit pressure to extend the ecstasy in both cases.Dating from the days of Sade and smooth jazz, you might expect Maya’s moment in the sun to wear the fragrance of fromage, but the milk’s far from turning and the tropical groove is a sunny delight. Cool Rhodes, cascading piano, soft vocals and buoyant bass all dance around the lilting rhythm, splashing in the surf while the sax cartwheels off into the sunset. Sip a spritz and tap a toe to its Balearic brilliance.
The B-side sees us shimmy from the sunset to the sultry summer night, moving and grooving to the tribal kitsch of “Jungle Man”, a body moving euro disco oddity primed to push pineapples and shake trees. Driven to the heart of the dancefloor by an infectious synth bassline and groovy guitar, this tripped out tropical cut hits us with wild and weird vocals, string stabs and a system smashing synth motif. Pack your sunscreen and dancing shoes, Good Plus will take care of everything else.

Wav Fuzz - Cold Fresh Air 12"
Wav Fuzz - Cold Fresh Air 12"
Wav Fuzz - Cold Fresh Air 12"
Wav Fuzz - Cold Fresh Air 12"
Wav Fuzz - Cold Fresh Air 12"
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A1 – Coco
B2 – Jungle

Label: GOOD PLUS /G+001
Distribution by DIANA CHARITE

Les Yeux Orange - Coco / Jungle - Good Plus

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12″ Vinyl : 13€

A1 – Coco

B1 – Jungle