LYO#058 / Fabrizio Mammarella (Slow Motion Records)

LYO#058 / Fabrizio Mammarella

Fabrizio Mammarella is an Italian DJ, producer and label owner. He released his first EP “Panorama” in 2004 and since then never stopped, alone or with his friends Rodion, Lauer and many more. His EPs, alone or part of several projects (Clap Rules, Telespazio, Filiberto Marmelade and more recently Black Spuma with Lauer), were released on inprints such as Hell Yeah Recordings, Bear Funk or International Feel. If you follow us regularly, you must have already heard is proto-house, dub electronic disco-sound !
With Franz Underwear, who made a mix for us last year, he runs “Slow Motion Recordings“, a label only releasing Italian artists. We could spend some time naming his numerous remixes, for artists like In Flagranti or Etienne De Crecy, but now is music time with this exclusive mix : one hour of Fabrizio’s club sound, mixed with a flawless technique. Enjoy !