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LYO#058 / Fabrizio Mammarella

Fabrizio Mammarella is an Italian DJ, producer and label owner. He released his first EP “Panorama” in 2004 and since then never stopped, alone or with his friends Rodion, Lauer and many more. His EPs, alone or part of several projects (Clap Rules, Telespazio, Filiberto Marmelade and more recently Black Spuma with Lauer), were released on inprints such as Hell Yeah Recordings, Bear Funk or International Feel. If you follow us regularly, you must have already heard is proto-house, dub electronic disco-sound ! With Franz Underwear, who made a mix for us last year, he runs “Slow Motion Recordings“, a label only releasing Italian artists. We could spend some time naming his numerous remixes, for artists like In Flagranti or Etienne De Crecy, but now is music time with this exclusive mix : one hour of Fabrizio’s club sound, mixed with a flawless technique. Enjoy ! Download LYO#058 / Fabrizio Mammarella

LYO#056 / Julian Horn aka Giulio DJ

Julian Horn is a producer, dj and collector from Vienna. He released tracks on Elevator People or Is It Balearic? as a producer under the “Giulio DJ” alias, but since a few years he makes himself noticed for his mixes, showcasing a delicate, relaxation-inducing sound, oscillating between japanese pop and balearic rarities. Not mad at all against club music, he runs in his city the “Tempo!” party, hosting artists such as Andras Fox, Gigi Masin or Willie Burns. For this exclusive mix for LYO, he stays true to what makes his mixes so special and invites you to lay back and contemplate what’s around you with a surprising yet coherent selection that will grow on you. Enjoy ! Télécharger / Download LYO#056 / Julian Horn

Aroy Dee (M>O>S)

Aroy Dee, real name Steven Brunsmann, is a DJ, producer and label owner from Netherlands. Having released music since 2001 with an EP on Rush Hour Recordings and from 2003 onwards on his own label, M>O>S Recordings, he claims a techno and house sound at the opposite of the all things digital and soulless productions.

LYO#052 / The Beat Broker

The Beat Broker, ou Ryan Bishop, est un DJ/producteur/promoteur californien. Né dans les années 70, il anime au début des années 90 la station de radio de son université ce qui lui donne accès à une collection importante de disques, notamment de musique électronique qu’il diffuse via son émission «Wiretap».

Il Bosco

Originaire de Manchester, Christian Wood aka Il Bosco crée en 2012 le label Red Laser Records, véritable hommage tant musical qu’esthétique à la disco électronique du début des années 80. Officiant depuis le début des années 2000 sous le nom de Crowhead puis de The Nudge, il sort des disques sur Grand Central Records et Fat City dans des styles variés, allant de collaborations avec des MC’s sur des morceaux de type jungle et drum and bass à d’autres titres plus downtempo et boogie.

Ali Renault

Ali Renault est un producteur, DJ et label manager originaire de Chester, petite ville de l’ouest du Royaume-unisituée au sud de Liverpool, où il fait ses armes à la fin des années 90 comme DJ au légendaire club “Le Bateau”, étant passé à la musique électronique après avoir baigné dans l’univers metal. Rapidement exilé à Londres, il continue dans cette veine avec la création de deux labels, Human Shield en 2003 et Cyber Dance Records co-fondé avec Casionova and Spruxxx en 2005.

LYO Radio Show Mars 2015

Les Yeux Orange vous présentent chaque mois, détendus et dans la bonne humeur, leurs trouvailles musicales du mois précédent, sous forme de podcast via Soundcloud ; dernières nouveautés, oldies dégotées en vide grenier ou ailleurs dans le monde de l’internet. Il y en aura pour tous les goûts. Voici le Deuxième épisode de la série. Bonne écoute!

Franz Underwear

Francesco Scala aka Franz Underwear was born in Pescara (IT) but now lives in Berlin. His musical career began with his noise-rock band touring in Italy before he created Slow Motion Records in 2005, a collective of artists responsible for disco and electronic events between Pescara and Berlin. Since arriving in Berlin in 2007, he hasn’t stopped Djing and organizing parties : he is now resident at the monthly Magic Waves and Wrong Era nights, and also at his music label collective parties. He is also a producer, with a first track in 2011 on World Unknown : Grauzone, followed in 2012 by a track under the name of Studio Luce on Cocktail D’amore Music : “Defender X”. He released his first EP in 2013 on Tusk Wax, followed shortly after by a second EP on Bordello A Parigi. A few days ago his latest track was released, as Studio Luce this time, on a compilation he put together on his own label : “Italian Dance Wave”, an ambitious project combining a CD and several vinyl releases of his own “secret dancefloor weapons”, as well as new tracks from fellow Italian producers. His mix for LYO was recorded live at Sektor Evolution in Dresda and perfectly illustrates his musical landscape, enjoy ! Télécharger / Download LYO#039 – Franz Underwear


Based in Manchester, Starion makes since 2012 what you call there “Manctalo”. Italo-disco with the local touch, it’s a melting pot of all the forms electronic music took in the early 80’s, made by a bunch of producers from this “Dystopian Wasteland”, to quote Starion. He released his first track Another Dimension on Red Laser Records, the mothership of this scene. Since then a regular on this label, he appeared on almost every various from their EP serie and released his first EP this summer : Mindbender, an electronic-disco bomb with synths and melody from a time where vocoders where everywhere. Also author of remixes for Emerald & Doreen and Future City Starion is, with our friends from Rothmans or Wet Play just to name a few, putting Manchester back on the Europe electronic music map after the crazy 90’s. With this exclusive mix for LYO, Starion shows his musical culture is definitely modern and spins in one hour the best you can do right now with a synthesizer. Obviously without forgetting to put old gems in it too. Enjoy ! Télécharger / Download LYO#032-Starion Tracklisting / Another dimension intro Ubre Blanca – Polygon Mountain LCD Soundsystem – 45-33 Kid Machine – Lost Discotech Lovers Jonty Rose – Horizon (starion remix) – Upcoming on Tusk Wax / Winter2014 Elitechnique – Intruders Return Gesaffellstein – Aleph Mike Simonetti – The Magician Headman/Robi Insinna feat. Brassica – Work Black Merlin – 22.05 Hidromental – Emerald (Statickman Remix) Who Made Who – TV…

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