LYO#063 / Rob ‘n’ Zoopsie

LYO#063 / Rob 'n' Zoopsie

The Revolving Eyes

Rob ‘n’ Zoopsie are a duo of Belgian DJs comprised of Rob aka Dee D. Roger (the male half) and Zoopsie aka Malory Hendrickx (the female half). Having met at an underground rave in the nineties, they form a unique alliance built on a shared love of pioneering electronic pop and industrial sounds. During the noughties, whilst being highly involved in the CBS and Intergalactic FM sphere, they become key figures of the Belgian underground electronic scene, in particular in Brussels where they play in raves and clubs such as Fuse and Recyclart, and tour all over Europe. The duo is also know as The Revolving Eyes, a name under which they produce and release electro and Italo disco influenced music on their own imprint Moderne Recordings between 2005 and 2007, and is part of the band Tetra Plok which release two EPs of electropunk through Textolux. After a long hiatus, Rob ‘n’ Zoopsie are back in the game, starting with this well-crafted and eclectic mix of dark pop, new wave, house and the likes. Enjoy !