Front De Cadeaux

Front De Cadeaux is a producer and DJ duo comprised of Hugo Sanchez aka Hugosan from Rome, and DJ Athome from Brussels. They released their first single Le PédéBPM in 2014 on Roccodisco, an Italian label founded by Hugosan himself and Rodion. The track was remixed by Fabrizio Mammarella and the duo quickly gained support from established DJs such as Erol Alkan or Ivan Smagghe.

LYO#063 / Rob 'n' Zoopsie

Rob ‘n’ Zoopsie are a duo of Belgian DJs comprised of Rob aka Dee D. Roger (the male half) and Zoopsie aka Malory Hendrickx (the female half). Having met at an underground rave in the nineties, they form a unique alliance built on a shared love of pioneering electronic pop and industrial sounds. During the noughties, whilst being highly involved in the CBS and Intergalactic FM sphere, they become key figures of the Belgian underground electronic scene, in particular in Brussels where they play in raves and clubs such as Fuse and Recyclart, and tour all over Europe.

LYO #062 spAceLex

spAceLex aka Alexander Arpeggio is a Berlin based Dj and producer, co-founder of Frisbee Records alongside Albion Venables and Dea, the label is devoted to edition of electronic disco tracks, the infamous “Heavy Rotation series” that counts three releases up to now. spAceLex also runs Mond Musik on his own, re-releasing officially and reediting some obscure and sought-after german productions from late 70s to early 80s like Papertiger And The Catcammer Orchestra – In The Disko, Eiskalte Engel and the latest Der Gøtling – G-ZX LP which is a collaboration with Obermannkind, Dunkeltier (aka Sneaker DJ) and spAceLex, together they managed to restaure and reconstruct some tracks from an original tape, only 50 hand-numbered cassette copies of this underground minimal synth project where released back in 1986!

LYO#059 / Bill Converse

Bill Converse is a DJ and producer currently living in Austin. Originally from Lansing, Michigan, he started DJing at a very young age, drawing inspiration from techno figures such as Claude Young and Traxx. Since relocating to Texas in 1998, he’s been collecting records and gear, as well as recording tracks in a studio he set up in his bedroom, experimenting with analog techniques in genres that range from abstract techno to ambient, acid, and weird electronics. Committing himself to his passion and slowly but surely building a cult following over the years, he then gathered together in 2013 an assortment of tracks and digitized it all on tape. The result was a perfect fit for a C-90 cassette and was released as such by Austin and Denver based cassette and VHS label Obsolete Future, specialized in underground techno and experimental synthesis. Going by the name of Meditations/Industry, Bill Converse’s debut album has just been reissued on vinyl by the essential San Francisco based imprint Dark Entries. His future projects involve more solo production and collaborations, DJing, as well as keeping up with his show on Intergalactic FM. Bill Converse is an atypical and dedicated musician, and we’re very pleased to give you LYO#59, a mix that will give you a glimpse of his current influences. Télécharger / Download LYO#059 / Bill Converse

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Aroy Dee (M>O>S)

Aroy Dee, real name Steven Brunsmann, is a DJ, producer and label owner from Netherlands. Having released music since 2001 with an EP on Rush Hour Recordings and from 2003 onwards on his own label, M>O>S Recordings, he claims a techno and house sound at the opposite of the all things digital and soulless productions.