LYO #062 / spAceLex

LYO #062 spAceLex

Aufgang B ?– B-Ware EPspAceLex aka Alexander Arpeggio is a Berlin based Dj and producer, co-founder of Frisbee Records alongside Albion Venables and Dea, the label is devoted to edition of electronic disco tracks, the infamous “Heavy Rotation series” that counts three releases up to now. spAceLex also runs Mond Musik on his own, re-releasing officially and reediting some obscure and sought-after german productions from late 70s to early 80s like Papertiger And The Catcammer Orchestra – In The Disko, Eiskalte Engel and the latest Der Gøtling – G-ZX LP which is a collaboration with Obermannkind, Dunkeltier (aka Sneaker DJ) and spAceLex, together they managed to restaure and reconstruct some tracks from an original tape, only 50 hand-numbered cassette copies of this underground minimal synth project where released back in 1986! A sub label of Mond Musik called ?Eine Welt? is about to be created, this one focusing on raw experimental acid, spatial techno, bubbeling soundscapes and fuzzy rhythms. The first release will be a compilation featuring artists from Italy, Sweden, Spain and probably more countries. As a producer, in 2009 spAceLex signed Pretty Face EP on british-label Dissident run by Andy Blake. spAceLex is also the half of Aufgang B with Cid Hohner, which is a slow, acid and industrial project performing analogue live sets; the band shared an ep on Serious Trouble with Benedikt Frey and released B-Ware EP on austrian label Neubau including a remix by Tolouse Low Trax. The next ep should come out before summer…In parallel spAceLex also collaborate with Andrea Noce in the formations Vera Mona, Agency Amore and Andrea & Alexander. Last but not least, he’s is the curator of the bi monthly event “Club Cosmic” at Sameheads in Berlin. spAceLex describes his exclusive mix like this: « quite weird…. but that’s all me in one shot in my living room ». This is how we like it!