Patrick Ryder (Piccadilly Records)

For anyone who buys records in the North of England, Piccadilly Records is some sort of institution. The shop was born in 1978 and has sold many records ever since, with a selection ranging from pop and indie through disco, funk and balearic through electro, techno, ambient and many more.

Ric Piccolo

Ric Piccolo is a DJ and producer from Argentina, mostly known for unearthing rare and unreleased disco and funk tracks from the 70s and early 80s. He first came to prominence in 2012 with a series of mixes called “PampasDiscoShock” that put him on the diggers’ map, allowing him to make appearances at Albion‘s Camp Cosmic festival and to play as a DJ all over the world.

LYO#065 / Admin

Adam Wickens aka Admin is a young dj/producer quickly rising ! Hailing from the buzzing city of Bristol, Adam dedicates much of his time to the listening, carefully drawing musical influences from Soul, Disco, Jazz and much more to respectably invest into his own, soulful, astral and progressive productions.

LYO #062 spAceLex

spAceLex aka Alexander Arpeggio is a Berlin based Dj and producer, co-founder of Frisbee Records alongside Albion Venables and Dea, the label is devoted to edition of electronic disco tracks, the infamous “Heavy Rotation series” that counts three releases up to now. spAceLex also runs Mond Musik on his own, re-releasing officially and reediting some obscure and sought-after german productions from late 70s to early 80s like Papertiger And The Catcammer Orchestra – In The Disko, Eiskalte Engel and the latest Der Gøtling – G-ZX LP which is a collaboration with Obermannkind, Dunkeltier (aka Sneaker DJ) and spAceLex, together they managed to restaure and reconstruct some tracks from an original tape, only 50 hand-numbered cassette copies of this underground minimal synth project where released back in 1986!

LYO#057 / Zambon

Maciej Zambon is a Polish DJ and producer based in Berlin, widely known as the head honcho of The Very Polish Cut-Outs and Transatlantyk. In 2009, the Polish electronic scene is almost non-existant at an international level. Inspired by a Baris K mix heard on Beats In Space, Zambon starts editing obscure 70s and 80s tracks from the Polish underground. One year later, the New-York based imprint Bumrocks releases his first edits EP entitled The Very Polish Cutouts, which sells quickly and is now highly sought after. It’s under the same name that Zambon co-founds that year with Kacper Kapsa an edits label in order to promote the new Polish house scene, consisting of young talents such as Old Spice, the duo Ptaki (LYO#043), Jazxing and Selvy (LYO#055). With the support of Todd Terje, Eddie C, Bill Brewster, Andrew Weatherall and a few other established DJs, The Very Polish Cut-Outs quickly becomes a reference and establishes the Polish scene on an international scale. In 2014, Zambon launches Transatlantyk, a label this time dedicated to original productions of his protégés. As of now, totting up six EPs, one LP by Ptaki and the acclaimed Polo House compilation released in 2015, Transatlantyk is constantly rising and creating a stir. Zambon is also a DJ with remarkable eclectism, and has just given us an exclusive raw mix of old-school house with no frills, enjoy ! Télécharger / Download LYO#057 / Zambon (Transatlantyk)

FACEBOOK EVENT PLAISIRS COUPABLES / 100% LYO / 100% VYNILS / 100% OLDIES Apres une année entière à La Rotonde à composer des plateaux divers et variés (Yan Wagner, Albion, Sacha Mambo, Rodion, Ali Renault, Beppe Loda, Aroy Dee ou Visonia) mais surtout à trop se la kiffer, on doit vous avouer qu'on se sent [...]
Aroy Dee (M>O>S)

Aroy Dee, real name Steven Brunsmann, is a DJ, producer and label owner from Netherlands. Having released music since 2001 with an EP on Rush Hour Recordings and from 2003 onwards on his own label, M>O>S Recordings, he claims a techno and house sound at the opposite of the all things digital and soulless productions.