Les Yeux Orange – Togosava – 12″ (Good Plus – G+003)

Good Plus 003 (G+003) Good Plus 003 (G+003)

Les Yeux Orange - Togosava (Good Plus)Our party starts with the kwaito groove of “Avidio””, a killer bit of late 80’s Afro-action boasting synth marimba, alien bass blasts and life affirming vocal chants. Not only is this cut moving in the ants-in-your-pants/dancing-like-a-madman sense, but its Sting-on-safari emotion and clarinet solo could bring a tear to a glass eye.

Cartwheeling between aspirational jazz-funk and afro-cosmic, ‘Yanga Mbiwaa’ makes its way to the heart of the party like a bewildered Parisian at an Ivorian wedding. As tumbling toms rumble like thunder on the Serengeti, an oddball exotica chant encourages the nearby wildlife to shake a tail-feather to the Club Tropicana guitars and buzzing synthbass.

At last you have something to keep Quantum Jump’s ‘Lone Ranger’ company! Last but not least comes ‘Autoradio’, a very well mannered monsieur living the French highlife by the sea and sun of the Mediterranean coast. Effervescent Afrobeat guitars and swooning sax dance over a rolling rhythm section of buoyant bass and 80s percussion, while a spoken vocal drawls in your direction and the girls ask if you’re ok. It’s only when the pinging, ringing, madly modulated bass breakdown bounds through your surroundings that you’ll wonder who slipped what in your drink…

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Good Plus 003
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A1 – Avidio
B1 – Yanga Mbiwaa
B2 – Autoradio

Label: GOOD PLUS /G+002
Distribution by DIANA CHARITE

Les Yeux Orange X Kompleks ?– A Better Life (Good Plus)

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12″ Vinyl : 13€

A1 – Avidio

B1 – Yanga Mbiwaa

B1 – Autoradio