LYO#071 / Das Ding (Live at NDF 2016)

Das Ding

Das Ding ?– Why Is My Life So Boring?Danny Boston aka Das Ding is a Dutch producer based in Rotterdam who has been active since the early 80’s. A good example of DIY in the underground music scene, he’s been releasing music via his own cassette label Tear Apart Tapes for more than 30 years later, making all the artworks himself while studying graphic design in art school. Built with analog machines, Das Ding’s music oscillates between cold / new wave and minimal electro, but he also sings on some of his tracks, with or without vocoder. In 2009, he gets particular attention via NYC-based label Minimal Wave run by Veronica Vasicka run by Veronica Vasicka, through which he releases an album putting together some of his early productions. Several EPs follow on Drop Of Blood Records, Seja and Midlight Records. In 2014, he meets Spacemaker and Leather E who offer him to sign the first album of their label Electronic Emergencies: “Why Is My Life So Boring?”. In 2016, a second album “Missing Tapes” was released on Minimal Wave, and a 7’ “Nerd/transmission” on his own imprint Tear Apart Tapes. This stream by Das Ding is a recording of his live during New Dance Fantasy Summer Festival 2016 at Griessmühle in Berlin.