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Good Plus 002

Lace up your dancing shoes and prepare those presales kids, it’s the return of Good Plus! Freshly rested after rocking the global dance floor with the edit excellence of G+001, Parisian party starters Les Yeux Orange are back with a trio of deeply dug gems recut for extra speaker sparkle. Lost classics, Loft classics and leftfield antics crammed into one double-o dose of Good Plus plastic!

Les Yeux Orange Top 100 Tracks 2016

Here’s the selection of what we consider to be the best electronics tracks released this year. Enjoy lads! S.O.N.S – Hurricane (Mortal Kombat Mix) (S.O.N.S.) Ex-Terrestrial – Paraworld (1080p) n.stal – La Plage (Les Yeux Orange) Komodo – Magic Hour (The Backwoods Oriental Dub) (CockTail D’Amore Music) DK – Evening Shadows (Antinote) Identified Patient – M.G.D (cr) (Common Thread) Wav Fuzz – Bahia Morphine (Les Yeux Orange) Il est Vilaine – Jungle Myth (Dialect Recordings) Nu Guinea – The Birds Rejoice (Early Sounds Recordings) Raw M.T. – Richard’s Revenge (Lobster Theremin) Plus Instruments – Love Is Enough (Richard Sen Remix) ([Emotional] Especial) Ondo Fudd – Veto Plank (The Trilogy Tapes) The Pilotwings – Dracaufeu (Macadam Mambo) Telephones – Tripping Beauty (Running Back) Jonny Sender – Zhivago Zhivago (Khidja Dub) (Codek) Beneath – Giv Sum (No Symbols) Voices From The Lake – Ibrida (Spazio Disponibile) Black Merlin – Isolation (Jealous Gods) Slim Steve – Sippin Beer & Rolling Joints (X-Kalay) Shedbug – Swim (Of Paradise) Jose Manuel – Ritual (Optimo Trax) Fort Romeau – Secrets & Lies (Live At Robert Johnson) Khotin – Human Voice (1080p) Forum – Yucatan (Aiwo rec.) Mr. Fingers – Nodyahed (Alleviated Records) Ponzu Island – Super Koto (Apersonal Music) Omer – Spring (CockTail d’Amore Music) MD – Wilder Penrose (D3 Elements) Omar S – On Your Way (FXHE Records) Fantastic Man – Trance Sexual (Superconscious Records) Alma Vox – Theme II (Versatile Records) Tolouse Low Trax – Rushing Into Water (Themes For Greaat Cities) Chaos In…