Podcast Series

LYO #061 / Art Crime

Art Crime is a young Russian producer based in Moscow. In 2014, he signs a first EP on Willie Burns’ NYC-Based imprint WT Records, entitled Never Look Back. The record is well received both by the specialized media and the public audience, and demonstrates his skills to produce some melodic tracks built for the dance floor, suffused with a contagious melancholy, elaborated with strings and piano riffs, strongly influenced by the 90s.

LYO #060 / Clandestino

Clandestino is a dj/producer/promoter trio based in Leeds, UK, formed by Joe Morris, Nick Smith and Ian Mac. Inluenced by acid house, balearic and nu disco, they’ve been involved in the British underground music scene for over 15 years, setting parties in town with prestigious international artists on the bill such as Erol Alkan, Tim Sweeney, Simian Mobile Disco, Todd Terje or Optimo. Their own podcast series includes Andrew Weatherall, Eskimo, Khidja, Black Merlin or Ruf Dug amongst others.

LYO#059 / Bill Converse

Bill Converse is a DJ and producer currently living in Austin. Originally from Lansing, Michigan, he started DJing at a very young age, drawing inspiration from techno figures such as Claude Young and Traxx. Since relocating to Texas in 1998, he’s been collecting records and gear, as well as recording tracks in a studio he set up in his bedroom, experimenting with analog techniques in genres that range from abstract techno to ambient, acid, and weird electronics. Committing himself to his passion and slowly but surely building a cult following over the years, he then gathered together in 2013 an assortment of tracks and digitized it all on tape. The result was a perfect fit for a C-90 cassette and was released as such by Austin and Denver based cassette and VHS label Obsolete Future, specialized in underground techno and experimental synthesis. Going by the name of Meditations/Industry, Bill Converse’s debut album has just been reissued on vinyl by the essential San Francisco based imprint Dark Entries. His future projects involve more solo production and collaborations, DJing, as well as keeping up with his show on Intergalactic FM. Bill Converse is an atypical and dedicated musician, and we’re very pleased to give you LYO#59, a mix that will give you a glimpse of his current influences. Télécharger / Download LYO#059 / Bill Converse

LYO#058 / Fabrizio Mammarella

Fabrizio Mammarella is an Italian DJ, producer and label owner. He released his first EP “Panorama” in 2004 and since then never stopped, alone or with his friends Rodion, Lauer and many more. His EPs, alone or part of several projects (Clap Rules, Telespazio, Filiberto Marmelade and more recently Black Spuma with Lauer), were released on inprints such as Hell Yeah Recordings, Bear Funk or International Feel. If you follow us regularly, you must have already heard is proto-house, dub electronic disco-sound ! With Franz Underwear, who made a mix for us last year, he runs “Slow Motion Recordings“, a label only releasing Italian artists. We could spend some time naming his numerous remixes, for artists like In Flagranti or Etienne De Crecy, but now is music time with this exclusive mix : one hour of Fabrizio’s club sound, mixed with a flawless technique. Enjoy ! Download LYO#058 / Fabrizio Mammarella

LYO#057 / Zambon

Maciej Zambon is a Polish DJ and producer based in Berlin, widely known as the head honcho of The Very Polish Cut-Outs and Transatlantyk. In 2009, the Polish electronic scene is almost non-existant at an international level. Inspired by a Baris K mix heard on Beats In Space, Zambon starts editing obscure 70s and 80s tracks from the Polish underground. One year later, the New-York based imprint Bumrocks releases his first edits EP entitled The Very Polish Cutouts, which sells quickly and is now highly sought after. It’s under the same name that Zambon co-founds that year with Kacper Kapsa an edits label in order to promote the new Polish house scene, consisting of young talents such as Old Spice, the duo Ptaki (LYO#043), Jazxing and Selvy (LYO#055). With the support of Todd Terje, Eddie C, Bill Brewster, Andrew Weatherall and a few other established DJs, The Very Polish Cut-Outs quickly becomes a reference and establishes the Polish scene on an international scale. In 2014, Zambon launches Transatlantyk, a label this time dedicated to original productions of his protégés. As of now, totting up six EPs, one LP by Ptaki and the acclaimed Polo House compilation released in 2015, Transatlantyk is constantly rising and creating a stir. Zambon is also a DJ with remarkable eclectism, and has just given us an exclusive raw mix of old-school house with no frills, enjoy ! Télécharger / Download LYO#057 / Zambon (Transatlantyk)

LYO#056 / Julian Horn aka Giulio DJ

Julian Horn is a producer, dj and collector from Vienna. He released tracks on Elevator People or Is It Balearic? as a producer under the “Giulio DJ” alias, but since a few years he makes himself noticed for his mixes, showcasing a delicate, relaxation-inducing sound, oscillating between japanese pop and balearic rarities. Not mad at all against club music, he runs in his city the “Tempo!” party, hosting artists such as Andras Fox, Gigi Masin or Willie Burns. For this exclusive mix for LYO, he stays true to what makes his mixes so special and invites you to lay back and contemplate what’s around you with a surprising yet coherent selection that will grow on you. Enjoy ! Télécharger / Download LYO#056 / Julian Horn

Aroy Dee (M>O>S)

Aroy Dee, real name Steven Brunsmann, is a DJ, producer and label owner from Netherlands. Having released music since 2001 with an EP on Rush Hour Recordings and from 2003 onwards on his own label, M>O>S Recordings, he claims a techno and house sound at the opposite of the all things digital and soulless productions.

LYO#053 / Reza Athar

Reza Athar est un DJ né en Iran et installé à Nimègue aux Pays-Bas. Résident et programmateur des soirées Horizon et MIND à Amsterdam où il a notamment invité Erol Alkan, Massimiliano Pagliara, Daniele Baldelli, Prins Thomas et Ivan Smagghe à jouer à ses côtés, il se produit régulièrement au fameux club Salon Zur Wilden Renate à Berlin.

LYO#052 / The Beat Broker

The Beat Broker, ou Ryan Bishop, est un DJ/producteur/promoteur californien. Né dans les années 70, il anime au début des années 90 la station de radio de son université ce qui lui donne accès à une collection importante de disques, notamment de musique électronique qu’il diffuse via son émission «Wiretap».